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Thread: 2 tickets to anacondas @ 6:50pm to giveaway

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    Default 2 tickets to anacondas @ 6:50pm to giveaway

    Got a pair of tickets already for the show at GV grand for 6:50pm but decided to watch another show @ cineleisure.

    Anybody wants it gimme an sms @ 96324562. Collect from Cineleisure before 6pm.

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    Tickets given away within 5 mins

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    So fast............. like stock market like that.

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    1st person can't make it in time to orchard. any more takers?

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    Reserved by mike

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    Alamak, fate is making fun of me.
    I thought of no chance to getting the free tickets oready since it is reserve.
    I just return back from coffee shop for a cup of coffee, and miss the oppournity again.

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    Shows the effectiveness of the internet & freebies. Each response was within 5 mins

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    GRAND! that's $50 worth of ticket sia!

    why u dun wanna go? the seat very comfor 1 leh....

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    Thanks Mr willy foo for the tickets, truly enjoy the show.


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