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    I've noticed in the galleries that people rarely use their widest aperture for a variety of shots, but instead choose to use smaller apertures with a longer exposure (take the moon shots, for example: f/11, exp > 1s). Some macro shots are also taken at about f/5.6 ~ f/11. Is there some reason for this, or is it purely specific to the type of shots taken?

    Also, if I were to take shots in the night, what type of settings should I roughly use?

    Thanks =)

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    The aperture you used will depend on what you shoot and how you want your pictures to turn out. A smaller aperture (bigger f number) will give you a deeper DOF. That means more portion of your picture will be sharp in which you can make out more details.

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    it's a balancing act.

    smaller aperture <-> slower shutter spd
    bigger aperture <-> faster shutter spd

    extreme brightness: smaller aperture <-> faster shutter spd
    extreme darkness: bigger aperture <-> slower shutter spd

    something along these lines. u gotta consider what u want, then play around with it.

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    Actually, to add on to the previous posting by two other members. One other reason is because the sweet spot or the sharpest aperture is often 2-3 stops above the widest aperture, which then it will start to lose it's sharpness after the sweet spot.

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    is tt so...i tot smaller apertures generally give u sharper pix..

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    For macro,
    using a large aperature(e.g.: f/5.6 or larger) does not give u a large enough DOF. U'll need at least or average of about f/8 or f/11 to get acceptable DOF.

    For nite shots,
    using smaller aperature (f/8 or smaller) will give u a "star-filter" effect, depends on your lens. Since shutter speed decreases, will give u a smooth reflection from the surface of the water.


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