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Thread: Help Needed with Info Backing Up!!!

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    Default Help Needed with Info Backing Up!!!

    hi tech gurus out there...
    i just bought a bare bone PCs,dunno if its called that.those small small PCs.
    the problem i have is i have tons of pics in my old computer,using the normal 3.5" hdisk. is there any way i can transfer my files from my old hdisk to the new one?
    cos i can slave it in my new small comp...
    pls help...dun wanna lose my pics!!!!

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    can get an ext. USB casing.
    Still can use your old harddisk as backup too.

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    many methods...

    1) you can hook up a network card to your old machine. (i assume your new machine has one already). use a cross network cable and transfer from the old to the new.

    2) take out old hard disk and set it as slave. hook it up to new machine and transfer to new hard disk.

    3) and many others....

    if still need help, PM me. cheers


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