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Thread: Photogapher needed for a charity event

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    Default Photogapher needed for a charity event

    A friend of mine asked me to cover this "senior citizen swimming carnival" on 3 Oct and I agreed. But now I'll have an overseas trip between 1-5Oct so cannot make it. If anyone kindly likes to cover the event for my friend, I'll let u to contact her. No payment but the film/print cost will be covered. More details will be provided by my friend.

    If my trip is cancelled or postponed, then I'll shoot with u together

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    Many thanks to four gentlemen who offered their help so far. I'll send your contact to my friend and she may contact some of your. Meanwhile, I'll ask her to provide relevant info to all of you guys so you can go down and shoot for fun. I belive u don't see "senior citizen xxx carnival" very often, do u? Therefore, this would be an interesting event. Those who PM me please wait and I'll get more info for u.

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    Any criteria for choosing this replacement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainman
    Any criteria for choosing this replacement?
    No criteria. If more of u r interested, i'll post the event info later and those of u who are interested can go down and enjoy your shoot. If u have interesting pics, may contribute some to help those senior citizens to remember this event.

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    ha, I have received more than 10 PMs regarding this event. Thanks guys. Sorry for not being able to reply u individually. Please keep an eye on this forum for the updated info later. I'll ask my friend to give me more details.

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    Some more info:

    Date: 3 Oct
    Venue: Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex (I need to check out the exact

    Will update more info later.

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    Had you chosen the photographers yet?

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    I don't choose, my friend will. I don't know how she is going to "choose". Wait till she update the full event info first. With so many gentlemen offering their kind help, I have no idea whom I shall recommend. I'll settle this issue with her later.

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    ok ..... BTW, even if we are not chosen, we can still go to the Swimming pool to take pictures..... right?

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    oh, let me clarify this. This event seems to be public, which means everybody can go down see see look look and snap snap. You don't have to be a chosen photographer to shoot. I'll confirm it from my friend.

    Thank all the PMs so far. Sorry I cannot reply each one of you. Please watch this thread for updates.

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    OK my friend has chosen the photographers and will contact them accordingly. Those who have not bee informed please don't feel depressed. More than a dozen photographers kindly offered their help. On behalf of my friend, I would like to thank all of you for your interest!

    This is a public event so feel free to go down and enjoy your shoot. If you have good pictures, maybe can send to the organizer as well (the organizer will do the printing for those senior citizens while you still own the copyright).

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    I dun think we can shoot photo inside the swimming pool premises without the permission leh...

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    err...can confirm if public can go in and take photos?

    i suppose can rite?

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    Seems like if you guys dont mind getting tickets (S$2 each) then can go in. That's what I heard.


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