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    Hi, I've got the original battery grip for my Canon 7D plus the original spare battery they gave out during the promo 1-2 months back.

    From the battery perspective, any difference in power between battery in body vs battery in grip ?

    Assuming long photoshoots, would you
    - put 1 battery into the grip and change to the new one when it's flat, or
    - put 2 together into the grip at the same time? any difference in terms of power?
    - any other pros and cons?
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    Default Re: Battery Management

    Hello shawtim,
    Perhaps I could share with you my personal experience.
    There is certainly no difference in power supply and in the duration of supply between placing the battery in the body versus in the battery grip. When I use my bodies with battery grips, I will always place both batteries into the battery grip and let them run all the way until they are drained. Of course this occurs when we are shooting long and aplenty. There is no point placing one battery into the battery grip and replacing it only when it is finished. That probably defeats the purpose of having two battery slots in the grip.

    Well, these are my humble preference and opinion.
    Hope that it helps.

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    Default Re: Battery Management

    Like what limwhow mentioned, the use of the grip allows ( apart from better vertical grip or balancing wt esp with heavier lenses ) allows you to put two batts and shoot for longer duration till the batt juices run out. For instance if you are doing super long exposure frames where changing batt is not feasible, 2 batts might allow you to run past 2 hrs or so when one batt cannot do the job.

    * some grips for certain models might allow u to operate at higher fps but i doubt the 7D system allows ..


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    Everything everyone on the thread said makes absolute sense.

    Reason why I asked is because when i got my 7D, one of the folks that I spoke to at John 3:16 (helping out, not the staff) mentioned that his observation was that two individually used batteries yielded slightly longer battery times compared to both used together in the grip.

    E.g if each battery lasted 4 hours individually, using two together lasted slightly less than 8 hours. like 7.5 hrs.

    On hindsight, this was just his personal observation, not a scientific test he carried out.

    Anyway that's why I asked.

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    I have four sets of batteries. So I just exhaust the two in my grip. Then swap with another set of two charged ones


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