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Thread: Newbie photographer here. First attempt at some shoots. Comments appreciated

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    Default Newbie photographer here. First attempt at some shoots. Comments appreciated

    I just bought my first digital camera not long ago, and have been reading this forum for quite sometime. Would appreciate any constructive comments on these pictures as it would really help me improve. Thanks in advance!

    Using Canon A80

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    imho ...colours look alittle dull...or it may be the monitor in camp ya...

    for the flower shots,...u may wanna play ard wif DOF more...
    juz shoot more and share wif the rest of us ya


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    wah for me looks quite saturated... I kinda agree that the subjects don't quite stand out enough though. Should blur out more of the background.

    Erm, maybe you should post under photogalleries instead of newbies corner More convenient for the mods too

    Good first effort though
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    the flower pics abit out of focus, i think its due to the distance of camera and the background distance... 'not macro enough', esp the 3rd flower pic, the orientation is off, the flower is focused, so is the 1 on the out skirt, to solve this, you can just centre the 1 you wanna take...
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    Hmm... the flower shot looks like a normal snap shot. Try to fine a good perspective. Try to go closer.

    The photo of the child, while the idea is there, the looks of the wash out detail nearly spoil the photo. One suggestion is to crop closer and make the child the main subject.. looking out to her rite.

    And one last thing.. the photo is too big... try to resize it before uploading. I have to scroll horizontally to view them.

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    Thanks alot!
    1) Yeah I agree that I need to improve the DOF more. The widest I can go on my cam is 2.8, is that sufficient?
    2) What does 'saturated' means? Sorry, like I said a real newbie.
    3) Will look into improving the child pic, thanks. I thought I wanna create the kind of 'message from heaven' look with the child looking towards it.
    4) Oppsie..sorry for the sizing

    Anymore comments?

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    i dunno by the 2.8 on prosumers dun really seem to work to me ya....
    maybe u can join us on outings ??

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    Yeah I would love to.

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    Did u switch to macro mode on ur a80 before shooting the flowers?

    while compositing pictures, remember that less is more. The less extraneous elements in ur frame, the less distracting it is to the viewer.


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