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    Hi All,

    I wonder if the conversion of old negatives (35mm) to digital photos can be done with a scanner and photoshop? I am a newbie to this. Thankful if someone can advise me.

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    Yes. If you have a dedicated film scanner or a scanner with a transparency adaptor and film holder, you can scan your negatives and edit them in Photoshop. Some scanner recommendations can be found here:

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    The services section here lists people who offer scanning services. Photo labs also offer scan services. Important is the quality: the basic 4base scanning and the better 16base scanning. Get the uncompressed tiff files as output, although large they contain all details compared to (sometimes aggressively handled) jpg compression.

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    it wont make much difference to view them in 4base or 16...view digitally its still de same..unless u intend to post a realli big picture of them....developing or printing them into prints..its still best to develop off the negative....
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