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Thread: Punggol Waterfront

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    Default Punggol Waterfront

    1. In what area is critique to be sought?

    Overall composition, colour and lighting.

    2. What one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    I am new to DSLR. By taking more photos and asking for critique, I hope to learn as much as I can from all the gurus in this forum.

    3. Under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    Taken w D7000 and 17-50 tamron lens.

    4. What the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    This is one of the better shots although I feel something is lacking. Maybe too much ground in the left foreground.

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    Default Re: Punggol Waterfront

    I feel it lacks a focal point or subject.

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    Default Re: Punggol Waterfront

    My feel is that cropping towards the right would be better.
    Exclude the pavement as it diverts attention.


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