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Thread: Tripod/Monopod for d300s

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    Hi, guys I would like to get some insight on the Tripod monopod convertibles. Those tripods that have a removable leg that can act as a monopod. Currently I'm viewing the Cullman Magnesit 525 and Sirui N2204 tripods. Does anyone have any experience with them? And does anyone know if the cullman can be bought in Singapore? Heaviest setup: D300s with grip and 70-300mm VR ii. Thanks!

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    Not sure about Cullman but the Sirui one is pretty good, I have some friends who are using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethpapa74 View Post
    How about manfrotto??
    Does manfrotto have these convertible tripods?

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    Cullman made good tripod, used to have one years back. Fotopro tripod from Artworkphoto do have tripod monopod convertible.


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