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Thread: TS-E 17mm versus TS-E 24mm (II)

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    Default Re: TS-E 17mm versus TS-E 24mm (II)

    Having abilities to shift is always good to correct perspective distortions for cityscapes, especially in a dense environment with limited working space.

    Local context, you probably don't need shift as much for water front scapes because buildings are relatively further away. With a UWA, you can usually capture an entire scene and maintain straight verticals without shifting. These were all done without shifting.

    14-24mm at 16mm

    PC-E 24mm without shifting

    There are only a few instances which I can recall where shift was used. Here's one of them. I needed more sky.

    The TS-E 17mm is worth as much as its weight in gold if you can put it to good use. I hardly use mine for leisure, mostly for work and even that, I have to carefully consider its pros and cons. Some clients just don't like the over exaggerated perspectives. This photo was rejected by my client because of that. I had to re-shoot this with a PC-E 24mm.

    Assuming you already have a UWA lens, for what you do, I'd suggest getting the TS-E 24mm but 82mm filters can be costly.

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    Default Re: TS-E 17mm versus TS-E 24mm (II)

    Thanks Kit. That was invaluable.

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