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Thread: My First Shot with my A40

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    Default My First Shot with my A40

    I've finally bought my very first A40 yesterday and I can't wait to go around snapping...

    My very first pic with my A40

    A newly built CC near my house.

    Comments Pls...

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    1st pic took at suntec fountain there?

    2nd one too dark liao
    1st one kinda blur...

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    2nd pic at buona vista? ghim moh

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    The second pictures colors seems to fade out. Maybe you took it during the early afternoon where the sunlight is too hash. Otherwise, for the first mis-adventure, the shoots were rather sharp and colors is good.

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    Default Thanks for all the comments

    I'm still trying out with my new camera... the above 2 pics are all taken with the auto mode. I'm now trying out all the features of the A40, hopefully by this weekend I can have some more nicer, shaper photo out here. Thanks for all the comments...

    Yes blizzy it was taken in ghim moh ...


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