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    Hi guys. I'm a Nikon D90 user and am new to Mac. I have a problem; which is I shoot in RAW format file. However, whenever I transfer my photos into the 'Iphoto' to post process it, my photos will automatically change to the .jpg format. Why is this so? Is there any way to prevent this? I tried 'googling' the matter however couldn't really find a definite answer.
    Hope ya peeps can help me out to resolve this.

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    I'm not too sure how iPhoto works but my guess is that it helps to make a viewable copy on your system

    You might wanna try aperture3 instead. A software for photo editing in Mac.
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    You mean the RAW badge disappears after post-processing? Try this:

    Click on the photo > go to Photos menu > Revert to Original.

    Hope it helps.
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