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Thread: Need the expert advise:)?

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    Hi, i just bought Sony A55.. im a beginner.. I have a sony lens 18-55mm , i love e lens but it cant zoom far.. i done some research n saw sigma 18-250mm n e review is good.. just need your advise, if i bought the sigma 18-250mm? do i still need to keep e sony 18-55 as a spare? or i should just sold it?

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    if you buy an 18-2xx lens, it kinda makes the 18-55 unnecessary. Bear in mind that the 18-55 is very light. It MAY still be useful when you don't want to carry a heavy lens around.
    There are a number of zoom lenses (from Sony and 3rd party manufacturers) with focal range about 70-300mm. Can complement your 18-55 nicely.
    That would be my suggested option.
    Have never been a fan of the 18-2xx "superzoom" lens.
    Exploring! :)

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    Please don't cross-post.

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    If you get the new sigma with the OSS, you can turn off the SteadyShot in your A55 and thus get a lot longer video shooting too.

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    I find these "super-zoom" very versatile but their image quality is generally disappointing at large aperture.


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