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Thread: Manual Mode For Shooting A MOVING OBJECT

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    Default Manual Mode For Shooting A MOVING OBJECT

    could anyone tell me how could I use my digiCAM manual mode to snap a movie object such as vehicles,cyclist and etc? I'm NOT familiar with the shutter speed or f-stop, please show some guidelines. Thanks.

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    I'm a new bird so take my advice with a pinch of salt. for moving subjects, fast shutter speed like 1/200 or higher to freeze the motion (it depends on how fast is the subject moving also lah...if slow subjects, lower shutter speed also can and vice versa) but you want blurry motion pic, then lower the shutter speed lor.

    For f-stop, personal preference is as large the aperture as possible meaning like f 2.8 rather than f 4 lor.....(just in case you wonder why 2.8 is larger than 4 is because it's measured in reciprocally 1/2.8 is bigger than 1/4. Pls ignore if you know this already)

    there's of course panning also (do a search on that lah)
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    I wouldn't use manual mode, but shutter priority mode instead. Set a fast shutter speed like 1/250 or above, then pan the shot if you need to. Let your camera take care of the f/stop exposure for you. General guidelines are that the faster shutter speeds (ie. 1/1,000 and above) will freeze the action for you, while the slower shutters give you a little leeway to play with blur effects.


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