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Thread: A bear...

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    Talking A bear...

    Ok, this shot will not cause a controversy:

    Was mucking about with PS and camera when I ought to be sleeping now...

    The light was warm and then I turned the Yellow saturation off to -100% and got this effect. Looks strange but can't identify why is it...

    The equipment can only bring you so far - the rest of the photographic journey is done by you.

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    now you are playing it too safe, for a toy like this with a solgan, the lighting is very sad, your angles are off, should have the bear looking at the viewer or something and try put a reflector on the bear's left side to fill and soften shadows!

    post more man!

    one more thing, push the handtag on the solgan to one sidde or remove it as the string is causing me some discomfort.

    meant to be light hearted!


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