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Thread: Studio open house and Free studio shoot on 5 Sep 04 (Sun)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwinywh
    Oh,so thats ur bear ah?Its a really nice and cute bear.Thank you and thanks the bear for being our MODEL!
    haha.. yeah. Great to meet my fav bear. haha.. Hmm... maybe now u can become its agent. haha...

    Anywayz, my first studio shoot turned out pretty bad results. But that's to be expected I guess.

    Here's one with a different perspective, when Tatty was over at the other side looking sad & abandoned.

    I guess it kinda enjoyed the attention, even if it was made to do some extreme poses.

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    Ok, here's a look behind-the-scenes. Again, have to apologise for the lousy shooting.

    1. Preparing to shoot Tatty. Meanwhile Tatty is dozing off waiting...

    2. Some guys shooting Tatty on the other side.

    3. Hatchday boy Ashley trying to sayang the strobe to work again.

    4. Lined up in front of the firing squad.

    5. Looks like I'm not the only one taking behind-the-scene shots. Hey, Ed, what do u have ah?

    Hmm.. just noticed Evildolly oso had hatchday that day. Happy Belated Hatchday!
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    & my best shot of the day which ironically came at the coffeeshop near the studio...

    MEEEOW! (translated: Who do u think u are shooting at?)

    Ok, that's all folks. Thanx berryhappy for opening up ur studio. Sure hope it MIGHT be the only one & not "it WAS".

    It sure made us beary happy (thanx to evildolly too).

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    Quote Originally Posted by evildolly
    my poor tatty teddy bear~
    Heyz, thanks for yr bear model, he's wonderful. We all had a great time shooting.. Is joining us for any future outings?

    *PS: I'm not the torturer okie!

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    Sok Eng from BerryHappy is my Actual day Photographer.
    She captured those memorable moments =)
    Attached are some pictures, layout done by me not up to standard.

    Sok Eng, Thank you =)..

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    Hi Karyinn,

    Thanks so much!!
    Moments like these makes it so worthwhile to be a wedding photographer.

    Sok Eng

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    Quote Originally Posted by berryhappy
    Hi Karyinn,

    Thanks so much!!
    Moments like these makes it so worthwhile to be a wedding photographer.

    Sok Eng


    u must commend karynn's attempt to assemble a montage

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    errr...berryhappy, do u have the contact of those photographers who stayed till quite late that day?
    Hehehe...if we can ask them for our pictures if they are not too busy
    Dancing desert scorpion

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    Hi jnifur, paiseh...I don't think that I have their contact numbers but scud did tell me that he will be passing me the post-processed pics on CD on coming Tuesday. Will pass to you gals when I compile with mine.

    Rest of the

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