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Thread: Who inspires you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxtwo
    nature inspires me.

    zaren/vamptress: this answer can? lolz
    Best answer,

    Cos I know tis time it's true

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren
    yes yes..... vamp is my sijie in photography...

    Uncle Zaren.. Dun do tis to me leh.. Undue credit..

    I'm just that little voice in ur head u hear.. Especially the one u know u shouldn't be listenin to..

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    Used to take it for leisure/fun. But then until recently when I get more in touch with my office cam, especially the night I used it to take fireworks. I find it how amazing photography is. It's a technique you need to learn to be able to capture those short yet moments.

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