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    Hi. I came across this site while surfing thru the forum.
    The prices being quoted are very good I must say. On par or even better than MS Color, AP & Jn3:16.
    But has anybody ordered anything from this online store? Any comments? Thinking twice abt buying from them cos I dont know whether the store is reliable/reputable.
    Any advice? Thks!

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    Red face Price quoted w/o GST

    Hi Goodfella;

    I believed that the price quoted @ is without GST.
    If you were to add the GST in, definitely for some models it will be more expensive than those price @ Mscolor, CP or Ap...... though I didn't purchase from them before.

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    hi goodfella, i've purchased from them before and the service is very good. they will usually contact you within 24 hours of placing your order to confirm the order and give details of payment, and also let you know of stock availability and ask you when would be a good time to deliver the item. I bought my Sony 828 from them.

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    hmm...the gimp, melbourne....danny ?


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