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    Hi all,

    Would like for someone to help explain the situation im in n share some solution to it.

    D300S, Qual: Jpeg Fine, WB: Auto, SB700, Mode: Manual
    Shot in these settings, review in camera is that white balance is proper, after plugging into my lightroom 2, the whitebalance is all off, causing skintones to turn "yellowish". Is there sumthing wrong with my lightroom setting or is it the correct colour supposed to come out? Any solutions to help counter this problem.

    Many thanks in advance for your great help & advices.

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    Is your monitor calibrated? Is the correct profile set? I remember somebody else had a similar problem, try a search here in the forum.
    Also: did it happen before or just suddenly in one series of images? WB Auto with Flash and indoors can also give lots of funky effects, depending on the temperature and type of the lighting.

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    sounds very much like monitor calibration problem. You are shooting jpg so all is set already, if you shoot RAW then you can get colour shifts due to different interpretation of the data.
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