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Thread: Recommendations on courses for newbie.

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    Default Re: Recommendations on courses for newbie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowseye View Post
    Note that I said "design". I'll cry if they stop producing 200mm F/4 micro before I can afford it...
    if it's a saleable item, it would be rather foolhardy to stop selling it
    based on your theory, if it does get discontinued, there might be an AF-S Micro 200mm f/4G to replace it
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: Recommendations on courses for newbie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fezqu View Post
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Shawn. I been checking around the courses section of this forum and there are simply too many courses/school to choose from.

    I'm planning to get a DSLR. I'm interested in studios, nature/landscape and street photography type of photos and hopefully learn software skills on photography.

    Can anyone recommend me a good school/courses?

    Thanks for the help!
    I think you probably won't be getting much answer here as most of us didn't pick up this by attending courses or school. This will depend on the motivation and the result that you are after that by attending courses or school can give you. I am not sure about short courses but for school you can check out NAFA and other arts school.
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    NAFA do offer a certificate program in photography.

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