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Thread: Cold weather & rechargeable batteries

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    Default Cold weather & rechargeable batteries

    I understand rechargeable batteries do not work too well with colder weather. I am going to NZ south island in 2 weeks time. Temp is around 1 - 7 deg C. I am using a D100. Does the Nikon EN-EL3 batt hold its charge in these temp?

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    hi i definitely agree that cold weather does reduce the efficiency of batteries bcoz it happened to me when i was up mt. buller snowboarding in melbourne when i was studying there.

    although i'm not too sure about the en-el3 battery's efficiency, but if the battery goes flat earlier than expected, remove the batt and warm it up by putting close to your body in your jacket or pocket. jus someplace to warm it up again. then u'll have "more" power to shoot again. works for car batteries also in snow weather if it can't crank start... i'm serious.


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