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    Hello to all, i'm not an active member in CS but since i've got some free time, i thought i could share with you some travel info on my trip to Seoul, South Korea.

    Whether to join a tour or not.
    When my friend and I decided to travel, we wanted to join a tour initially. A tour group will definitely take you to more cultural spots in the country.
    If you're a photographer who likes to take traditional and landscapes, you may want to consider joining a tour. Personally, i prefer taking street photos more than landscapes.
    A tour group will bring you to more places, but the time spent at each place is minimal. You may find it rushed. And usually i believe, photographers like to take time to photograph things/places. Get inspirations or sort perhaps.

    Transportation in Seoul
    Seoul has a very efficient subway system which is very similar to Singapore.
    Except that the amount of lines in the city may sometimes confuse you. Unless you have an IQ of 50 and below, you'll find it easy to navigate around.
    There is a T-card that you can purchase at various "7-11" stores. Every single trip cost about a dollar and if you change to a bus within the next 30mins, the bus ride will be free.

    Lodging & Food
    My 9-days trip summed up to a total of 2200SGD including airfare and lodging. (I shopped a fair bit though) If you research, you'll be able to find ridiculously cheap hostels to stay in. The one i stayed in cost 30SGD per night. With free skype overseas calls and internet usage. Food in Korea is relatively cheaper as compared to Singapore. A usual Macdonalds meal cost about $5-$6. Unless you're a beef lover, food cost would come down cheap.

    Places of Interest
    These places i recommend are very vibrant and active places. Be it foreigners or locals, it is a very interesting sight to see.
    Hongdae, for example, is a youth hang out place. Clubs and pubs make the streets colourful. Because it is located literally outside a university, you can see college students sometimes, doing their club activities. Media filming are a common sight too. On weekends, you can see buskers performing and party people hanging around. Gwanghwamun area is more of the traditional heritage. There are palaces really nearby and a Hanok Village where traditional Korean houses are preserved for tourists.

    Don't be afraid to explore

    Apart from the usual touristy places, feel free to travel out of the city.
    The countryside is beautiful as well. You will not get lost in Seoul because signs are everywhere.
    One time, we were randomly walking in a neighbourhood and we discovered a really beautiful street full of well decorated shops. Adding up to the sight, the fashion conscious Koreans made fall in love with the place. I've never traveled to Europe before so i can't really compare but this would be my favourite place in Asia so far.

    So anyway, i hope the information helped, whether alot or a little. Just my sharing for those who plan to visit the country. I found a street photographer from Seoul and i thought his works are really awesome.

    Have a great trip to Korea!
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