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    Hi everyone,

    I intend to set-up a home studio.
    I know there are portable back drop support holders but i find not firm.

    Does anyone know where i can purchase those that are found in the studios?
    I am thinking of having like 3 or 5 rollers support type.
    There is something to pull so that the backdrop comes down and up.

    Can anyone share where to buy.

    Thanks a lot for reading and sharing.


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    I learned it is called Roller System for photography.
    I am looking for those manual type.


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    Default Re: Back Drop "holder"

    Orient Photo sells them. It think they can install them as well.

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    Hi,I'm also looking for backdrops.

    HeeHee,do u mean the holder u're looking for is like those old fashioned pri sch portable projector screen stand?

    My backdrop is for my baby.Any suggestions? I'm an amateur,so i don't want to spend too much money on it.

    that means I cannot use the kind HeeHee is looking for,coz my baby can only sit on the the moment,I'm when i take pics,I will catch the skirting of the floor,and it looks ugly.

    I'm even thinking buying ikea blind coz it's cheaper.but that means i have to mount the blinds.I'm not intending to set up a home studio.I'm just wanting to take studio like shots (with nice backdrop) at home.

    Any suggestions?


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