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Thread: [SOP] School Of Photography's Available Light Portraiture

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    Default [SOP] School Of Photography's Available Light Portraiture


    School of Photography will be opening a class on Available Light Portraiture scheduled to start on the 19th of May.

    In 1985, National Geographic put the portrait of the “Afghan Girl” on its cover. There was no complicated setup - the photograph was made using available light.

    In this course, we take you through the history of portraiture, to learn from the examples of great masters. You will learn about the magical qualities of available light, and how to harness it to create powerful portraits.

    Details are as follows:

    Available Light Portraiture
    Thursdays: 19, 25 MAY & 1 JUNE (7PM-9PM)
    Saturdays: 21, 28 MAY (8-10AM)

    $380 per pax

    Available Discounts:
    OCBC card members get $20 off

    Payment modes:
    -Online Registration (Credit Card)
    -Walk-In and Mail Registration (Cheque/Cash)

    98A Tanjong Pagar Road
    Singapore 088519


    Further details can be found below:

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    Hey how do I apply for this course and when is it?

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