Read that David duChemin, travel photographer of 'Within the Frame' fame suffered a fall recently.

He blogged ( that he's alright:

"I was trying to get a better angle on a scouting shot, made a poor decision, lost my balance and fell. This was not the kind of risk Iíve been talking about recently; it didnít seem risky at all, just a bad decision. I fell between 20 and 30 feet depending on who you ask, and landed on the concrete below. 6 days later Iíve been evacuated by an incredible team from MedJet Assist and am now in Ottawa close to my family. Iíll be here a while. Iíve got multiple fractures in my ankles and pelvis and will require surgeries and at least 6 weeks of hospitalization and 3 months off my feet. I am told thereís a chance Iíll never walk the same again, but Iím fighting those odds. I am profoundly grateful to be alive; the last two people that fell off that wall are dead. I am also profoundly grateful not to be paralyzed."