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    I have been looking for a camera that is small enough to slid into a pocket or carry around in a bag at all times with high image quality. This Olympus XZ-1 sort of fit my requirements with its fast f/1.8 lens and high ISO capabilities to ISO6400.

    Initial handling tests and feel of the camera was great. Build quality is good. The focusing performance is fast and accurate. Controls are quite intuitive and if you are familiar with the E-PL2, its just about the same. Only problem I had was the extreme lag when using the Art mode 4 and 5, Pinhole and Diorama. The lag was horrible. I faster processor would be good. As for high ISO, it is usable up to ISO1600 and if you are desperate, 3200 or 6400 if you really need that shot.

    All in, I would recommend this camera to anybody that asks me "What is a good camera to buy?" At the price tag of about SGD650, it is quite reasonable.

    Here are some initial shots I took. EXIF data are intact on the images.

    The details and sharpness can be seen in this macro shot.

    This is Super Macro mode

    Night shot in iAuto mode. Note the flare on the lights at f/1.8

    Night shot in A mode.

    Night Portrait Scene Mode and High Saturation.

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    One issue I have with most cameras are they do not allow automatic creation of Horizontal panoramas shot in Vertical format. The only camera I know that can do it is the Fuji X100.

    With that limitation, I tried the following shots on vertical and manual exposure settings and joining them in post processing. All the shots that make up the panos are taken on the widest angle on the camera.

    6 Shots

    5 Shots

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    very nice~!

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    More shots from the XZ-1. This time I played with ISO1600 the Pop Art mode and tested the claimed f1.8 power of isolation.

    ISO1600 Standarad Picture Mode.

    Pop Art Mode.

    f1.8 - Notice the bokeh

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