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Thread: Colour correction by the numbers

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    Default Colour correction by the numbers

    At Willy's talk last night, one of the experts (sorry didn't get your name) briefly described the above technique. Can someone please elaborate a little more, especially for correcting the skintones for Asians? Since this is a multiracial society, it will be helpful if examples can be given for the skintones of the different races here.

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    Actually there is no exact values for skintones. Reference values for Asians are, the Yellow and Magenta will roughly at the same % where Yellow should be a little higher. For Cyan, half of Magenta's value or less. As you will be using Curves, the value won't be exact and everyone is different, even Asians. So you have to depence on other colours around. Let say you have pure red or blue objects.....good....take a reading there and see how far are you from the exact value.

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    hmm are u talking abt channel mixer of photoshop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starry
    hmm are u talking abt channel mixer of photoshop?
    I guess they are taking about curves correction.

    The colour mode is CMYK and not RGB here. So after doing colour correction by numbers, you can check the correction by seeing the value of the skintone.

    If the CMY values of the skintone is not as stated by tunster, it means your colour correction by numbers is likely to be wrongly.
    Either you choose the wrong white point, or the wrong black point, or the light conditions in the photo is very complex.

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