“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

A quote by renowned depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange, it belies the power of Photography as an art.

Often, the most powerful emotions can be evoked by a single photograph that captures the essence of the moment.

Here at School of Photography (SOP), we believe Photography begins with the photographer. A team of dedicated professionals with a passion for the art, we strive to share the colour and opportunities of Photography with you.

Because a Camera doesn't take photographs, a Photographer does.

Our award-winning instructors come from diverse fields of photography, and collectively draw on decades of industry experience to help you grow in your journey as a photographer and an artist.

We provide photography courses catered to all, regardless of age, interest or proficiency. These include foundation and specialist courses as well as workshops. We are also an exhibition space that showcases student and professional works.

The courses we provide are as follows:

Foundation Courses
-Basic Photography
-Intermediate Photography

Specialist Courses
-Creative Flash Photography
-Available Light Portraiture
-Documentary Photography
-Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
-Fashion & Editorial
-Lighting 101

-Pro Secrets
-Product Photography

Look out for specific details of each course/workshop on our threads on Clubsnap!

School of Photography
website: www.sops.sg
facebook: www.facebook.com/SOPSG
email: contact@sops.sg
phone: 6226 0388