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Thread: Insatiable demand for good Photoshop Workshops

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    Default Insatiable demand for good Photoshop Workshops

    Looking at the tremendous popularity of the basic Photoshop workshop, there seems to be an insatiable demand for good Photoshop workshop targetted at digital photographers in the Clubsnap community. This reminds me of the situation a year or more ago of the situation where model photoshoots were very popular but there was hardly anyone (except or Astin?) organising it. Now there seems to be at least 3 or more photoshoots per week.

    I guess this is a good time for those Clubsnappers who are good in Photoshop to capitalise on this window of opportunity? BTW, what good is it for us to take good digital photos from our cameras but not able to fully take advange of Photoshop to bring out the best of our photos.

    Personally, I would not hesitate to sign up for a good course in Photoshop targetted at digital photographers.


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    I don't mind conducting commercial classes if there is enough demand... anybody else interested?


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