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Thread: Hello, Need some help here :)

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    Question Hello, Need some help here :)

    Hello guys , erm , mind showing me around of the DSLR chargers from different kinds of brands ? Cause I'm kinda doing a project here that researches different kinds of chargers for cameras, so I was thinking if I could ask for help here . plug in/ USB chargers. Thank you !

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    Google and ebay have thousands of pictures. Do note that USB only offers 5V, not enough to charge 7.2V Lithium Ion batteries as used in cameras.

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    So far have not encountered a USB charger for DSLR battery.

    TS can probably find the pics from the respective manufacturer websites as well, eg Canon, Nikon etc.
    Usually when they list the DSLR, they show the recommended accessories as well.
    Exploring! :)


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