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Thread: How to do camera panning?

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    Default How to do camera panning?

    Hi guys,

    To do right-to left camera panning, which one is correct?

    1) Pre-focus first, i.e. point the camera in the center, press the shutter halfway and then pan from right. When the object is in the center depress the shutter, or..

    2) Do not focus first. Pan from the right and press the shutter fully when the object is at the centre.


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    Pre-focus where u want to capture the subject. Half-press first, whether you're on MF or AF. Follow the subject at the same speed and depress the shutter release fully when the subject is at your pre-focused point. Follow through till the shot is taken.

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    Default Re: How to do camera panning?

    Thanks, kei1309.

    Appreciated. :-)

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    Default Re: How to do camera panning?

    Shoot to Live, Live to Shoot | iStock portfolio

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    Default Re: How to do camera panning?

    Good video!

    Thanks for your help again, catchlights :-)


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