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    Hi guys,

    I have done up a new namecard to kickstart lightedpixels... my webby. (Although the website is still not ready...but soon =) )

    I need comments on the card. Is it ok? If not... what could be improve? Thanks in advance.




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    Think its nice.. you even have Ingrid's face on the front of your card good idea on the little photos at the back of the card so that people can see your beautiful photos at a glance. If you need namecard printer i can recommend u one, just PM me if u need the contacts

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    i love the statement...haha...

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    guess it looks nice on computer...
    but if u were to see it on print will seem to be a bit
    photos on name cards feel so weird....
    although ur image has a nice feel to it....

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    i should use a general photo that best depict you for your front...the current photo will make ppl think that you are ONLY a wedding photographer. Your front photo could or should depict you 'mobile' company, which is yo, to the most effective way as possible. You've got a good portfolio, i think you could make use of some of the photos. a self-portrait too would be an option.

    your typeface looks ok, but i recommend you take out "Photography by". Cos you are not making a book, but a self-branding, a self-image.

    Your Liner at the back is ok, but a mouthful to read. A Liner/Blurb/whatever should hv a max of 5 words. So make "If your imagination..." on the next line, and increase font size for "You can't depend..." You could use the same font as that you have used for your name "Kelvin..." btw, your text arrangement is not cool...could not match the quality of your photography.

    on the back, list down what you can take. it'll be good to do that cos there are MANY fields in photography and ppl do not really know what to look out for.

    Like what PurpleTulip has mentioned, photos on name cards can give a wierd feeling if it is the 'Wrong' photo.

    tis' just' my' opinion'
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    I think it is beautiful!!
    At least, I really LIKE it!


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