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    Talking Fruitips.

    Froootips! by arayofray, on Flickr

    Hi all, I just started to take an interest in photography and I snapped this random shot today and wondered if it was a good shot that gave a product photography feel.
    Shot @ f/4, 1/13th ISO 1600

    Applied the "Minature Effect" creative filter to this photo.

    All "C&C" are welcome, TIA!
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    Default Re: Fruitips.

    1. Please learn how to post pictures from Flickr. We have threads about it.
    2. Please read and follow the Critique corner rules.

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    hi there! figured since i was surfing this part of the forums i might as well jump in and give a quick critique about what i feel about your picture.

    well, for one, as you have said, this was merely a random snapshot of a tube of candy. nothing more, nothing less. it most certainly do not give a feel of product photography. there's much more to product photography than that. there's proper lighting techniques and definitely background selection.

    the mahjong tiles and the couch with the blue thingy in the background is extremely distracting and i believe you could've done more to isolate your subject. the highlights are so blown out that the whites start to wrap around the top of your tube. perhaps more could be done to re-position your angle of shooting?

    looking at the lighting conditions in the room where you snapped the picture, the use of ISO1600 was perhaps overkill. but why is the shutter speed still so slow is the question that intrigues me..

    well.. other than the negatives that i have mentioned, i think you have honed your techniques of handholding your camera at slow shutter speeds and still manage to get a sharp picture is quite commendable. keep practicing and don't be disheartened.. spend more time shooting ordinary objects at many different angles (whether abstract or straightforward) will help improve your shoots as you look at the shots and review what is working and what is not.

    cheers and good luck!


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