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Thread: Experiment with ND Filters

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    Default Experiment with ND Filters

    I've recently been playing with ND filters and I quite like the unnatural colours it produces.

    Here are some photos i took with the ND110.

    1) Do you require post editing when using ND filters to adjust WB/Exposures etc?
    2) How do you normally focus with the ND filter
    3) When do you really need an ND filter?

    What do you think of the composition? This was taken at 5pm in the evening with a 30sec exposure at F11. I decided on this because i've not actually seen any photos of MBS in the day..always at night.

    This was taken at 11am at the Botanic Gardens> The idea was to get a silky waterfall.

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    1. Most ND gives a colour cast. Thus, require some pp to correct them. But i have seen instances of colour cast complementing the picture. So i guess its up one preference.
    2. When using ND110, if i'm using DSLR, I'll pre focus, the focus lock. When Using DSLT, i can just put on the ND filter and just shoot away.
    3. When I want to prolong my exposure. when the light is so strong that i cannot achieve my x-sync speed.

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    Default Re: Experiment with ND Filters

    For Pic. 1, if you have D90 or above, use Kelvin WB, adjust it to 4000 or lower to counter balance the redish yellowish cast.
    For Pic. 2, the fall is nice. But they sky is plain white.. If it's not a cloudy blue sky day with dramatic clouds, I rather forgo the sky and frame more of the silky water. If there's a foreground interest at the bottom of the frame, it will be perfect


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