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Thread: Any Photosmart 945 users?

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    Default Any Photosmart 945 users?

    Any newbies using the HP Photosmart 945? How is the performance of this camera? How to take those images with blur background using this model? I can't find the aparture control for this model.

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    Default I have one.....and am still using one too

    Hi Valk...

    I do have one...of this cam.....great cam if you know how to use it well...
    For the aperture setting....Set to Av mode.

    Then use the four way cursor button(the one with OK in the center) up and down to change the aperture value.

    My backup 300mm lens camera......for digital

    This camera adaptive lighting work very well....


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    Default learn from you

    hi sulhan, i will try the setting you have given me. hope to learn from you if there is an opportunity coz really new to this digital camera. Is the adaptive lighting always set to high for your photoshoot? (should be the digital flash) Possible to post a shoot for me to view with blur background?


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