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Thread: anyone using Colorvision Spyder??

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    Default anyone using Colorvision Spyder??

    Spyder w/ PhotoCal (CRT/LCD), Win

    anyone using this product, if u can, could u pls review this product? thanks.

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    I use a prior model of Colorvision sensor with Photocal. I also keep my Nikon film scanner calibrated (SilverFast with calibration option).

    They both do a great job. With this combination I almost never have to do color adjustments to scanned images. However I still have to do levels, gamma and USM. Slides on lightbox always match image on monitor.

    A few notes:

    * I only get consistent results with calibration in darkness. Otherwise ambient light will interfere with the results.

    * If you are XP user, check availability of XP driver. Last time when I checked - Colorvision didn't give confirmative answer.

    Spider is the next version, and I guess it is as good as the old sensor I have.

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    I have the LCD version of the Spyder together with OptiCal and ProfilerPlus.

    Spyder hardware - the LCD version has an additional attachment with a greenish filter to cover the sensors. Additionally, the attachment raises the suction cups so that they do not stick on the surface of the LCD. Instead you use another attachment which is weighted and adjustable to hang the Spyder off the front edge of the LCD. Whn used with CRTs, the LCD attachment must be taken off and a rubber skirt is put on to limit light leaks from the side.

    OptiCal software with PreCal - In a nutshell, very powerful and configurable calibration software; but i set it to Idiot mode and just let it go; Advanced mode requires too much fiddling (PhotoCal is reportedly much simpler than OptiCal). PreCal allows you to set the color temp of your monitor to a preset level (basically balancing the Red, Green and Blue guns) before doing the actual calibration for a more accurate profile.

    ProfilerPlus Printer Calibration software - have not seriously sat down to do the printer calibration part as 1) no time; and 2) inkjet printer konked out.

    The Spyder and OptiCal (or PhotoCal) will definitely offer the BEST calibration that you can achieve - much better and much, much more accurate than you can eyeball with the Adobe Gamma utility.

    I have calibrated both my PCs (feeding into a single LCD monitor with dual input) and before calibration, both PCs will display different colors. Now with the calibration done, I can switch between both PCs and still see the same color.

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    Hey Darren, may I know where and how much did u get yours?


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