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Thread: Wendy Neo?? Who's that??

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    Question Wendy Neo?? Who's that??

    Anyone know who is Wendy Neo?
    I've searched for some videos regarding GE 2011, her videos seems very "opposition"..

    Her youtube channe

    There have been discussions on the net that "she" is not a lady but possibly a man, hiding his true identity.
    Frankly, "her" videos are not bad.

    Just curious on who is this person.
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    Default Re: Wendy Neo?? Who's that??

    I'm not sure if this is considered political discussion, but seeing that posting the venues of political rallies isn't allowed here, I'm going to guess this should be taken down

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    Default Re: Wendy Neo?? Who's that??

    before it's taken down... I'VE NEVER EATEN AT WENDY'S! haha must be another advertisement for that fast food chain

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    Default Re: Wendy Neo?? Who's that??

    zap..... sorry bro' I could not give a crap about politics

    no political threads OR political advertising here

    infraction served

    clip replaced with light entertainment

    The actions are neutral.... even if u post a proPAP Rawkz video, it will be similarly treated
    thread closed
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