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Thread: Knowledge Bowl - NIKON DSLR Workshop

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    Default Knowledge Bowl - NIKON DSLR Workshop

    Knowledge Bowl - NIKON DSLR Workshop

    Workshop Dates:

    *** D7000 Workshop scheduled on 11th May 2011, Wednesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm*****

    **** D90 Workshop scheduled on 12th May 2011, ,Thursday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm *******

    **** D5000 Workshop scheduled on 25th May 2011, Wednesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm ******

    **** D3000/D3100 Workshop scheduled on 26th May 2011, Thursday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm ****

    Course Fee : SIN$20
    Course Duration : Approx. 2 hours
    Participants must bring along their D90/D3000/D5000 and instruction manual for the workshop.

    Conducted By : Mr Steven Yee

    The Digital Workshp will be conducted at:

    Knowledge Bowl
    190 Middle Road, FORTUNE CENTRE
    #04-28, Singapore 188979

    Outline of the Workshop

    The features of the D90/D3000/D5000
    Expectations -- Difference with the Coolpix, advanced features that stand out
    The specifications in brief
    Exposure in brief (Quick into to shutter speed and aperture)
    Using the Program Mode
    Quick intro to P, A, S, M
    Metering settings
    Using the Custom modes
    Survival tips to get good images -- Steven Yee's Workflow for freezing objects
    Setting the ASA and White Balance
    The settings in the menu
    How to hold the camera
    File types, compression and sizes
    Camera maintenance (Leaning the CCD, do's and don'ts, maintenance of CF card )
    What to do if you want to change lenses
    Having that ideal set of equipment

    To apply for the Digital Workshop Camera, please contact Kellyn
    DID: 6333 0348
    Photography, A Hobby for Life
    Click here to view our website

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    Basic one, I like it

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