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Thread: Help for voting in photography competition

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    Default Help for voting in photography competition

    I dont know if i should post this under pentax section but
    i am asking for any pentaxian kind soul to help me voting

    I seriously need ur help. Hope u can spend 1 min to help me!

    1st-Click LIKE on Wetex Parade
    2nd-View all 5 pic.From OP-12A to OP-12E. Then click LIKE !

    A simple click might not mean much to u,but it meant a million to me.tx!!

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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    Of course you guys can take it as a photo sharing thread and if you guys like it , kindly like them all ... From OP12A to OP12E

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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    why should anyone help you when your photos are below average? Can i dislike instead? Seriously i dun know what you want to show in alot of those photos
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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    Hi there fireemblem , actually i dint know that there are rules in some forum saying that no soliciting votes or whatsoever , so firstly i apologize !

    Secondly , regarding your question , its a competition , well you can see the topic i obviously asked for helps , but i do know that there are some dudes will only vote according to their interpretation of how good the photo is , so if you are saying that there are some other pictures better than mine then then of course your can vote them ! no hard feelings here , don`t be .
    And regarding the photos , can you point them out ? Those photos are shot according to the titles asked by the organizer
    1st Front door
    2nd Back door
    3rd New floor that has not even been completely renovated yet
    4th shopper
    5th night shots of Front door

    My shots are with the numbering of OP12A to OP12E
    As you can see from most of the shots , they are just tooo more or less the same , i was just trying something different .
    Do let me know whats wrong with it , Let it be a photo sharing sesssion =)

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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    Jie, how to click LIKE? must add as fren ah?

    Honestly, the OP12A is the only pic I like except for that blurry pic of ppl. But I think its ok for that kind of angle.

    But the rest of HDR shot has these Halos which I dun really like. I'm no HDR expert but as I know, those halos are indication of over-excessive HDR process. unless u knew about it la.

    Gud luck in ur competition.

    Also, just take any criticism bad or worst as a stepping stone for better improvement. dun be depress by it.
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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    hi i must admit i am not a pro. just giving comments based on my impression on the photos

    1st Front door
    not sure what to make of this, but i find myself tilting my head to the right to see the pic

    2nd Back door
    looks like sunset but the sky is black? this is not logical to me

    5th night shots of Front door
    horizon tilted. i would have straighten it in pp

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    Default Re: Help for voting in photography competition

    Hi Ricsal !
    Thank you for having the intention to help ! you have to like the main profile 1st before you can like any of the photos !
    Actually i can do that kind of Hdr shot in single Raw file methods but i wanted to emphasis the movement of the shoppers so that it feels like there are alot of shoppers going in and out , maybe i should have done lesser exposure bracketing ! What the you mean by halos , u mean the black thingy that is on the surface of the building? i thought these are what suppose to give the HDR the dramatic feel no ? Sure i am no pro in HDR too and would listen to any sifuu for guidance ! =)

    Hi hellfire88

    No prob , just let me know where you think the photos not good at , i will improve it in my next attempt !!

    1st front door i was just trying some other angle and this came out okayish so i submitted this 1 , i was thinking of sending in some ill composed photos but right angle or some daring angle that some might not prefer , the distance between the front door and opposite end of the shop is just too near , i was using DA14mm and all i can manage is very tight crop which i believe all of other participants achieved .

    2nd I believe the dark colour was from dark cloud , since was raining heavily that day before the shooting . i dint PP in the cloud , its just from HDR ..

    5th Seriously i saw this mistake when it was printed out , it was already too late , i acknowledge this mistake !!!

    thank you hellfire and ricsal for the comment , keep them coming =)


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