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Thread: Global Chinese Photography Contest

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    Talking Global Chinese Photography Contest

    A friend from Taiwan told me about this contest

    This contest is open to all Chinese over the world.

    There is 2 categories.

    And the prize is attractive.

    For Digital category, 1st prize is 3000USD!

    Go for it!

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    eh...can someone gimmie a translation for the thing...thanks..

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    which part u need translation?
    rules? category?
    name it, i will translate it!

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    i free to do translation. :P

    Main theme for the contest is "A Better World Because of Us"

    Emphasis on
    "Respect for Life"
    "Caring for Others"
    "Closer to Mother Nature"
    and "Seek Out Optimisstically"

    it's roughly there.

    2 CATs.
    CAT1: Film users
    CAT2: Digital users

    Deadline for submission on 15th Oct 2004
    Entries Judged during 30th Oct - 14th Nov 2004

    Results will be released on
    Taiwanese Newspaper and Thru Snail Mail.

    Submission Requirements (Film CAT)

    1)Max length of entries is 10in, no limit on width.
    [long side max 10inches, short side no i think they are trying to say max size is 10S. :P]

    2)Max entries = 10 color photos.
    No Framing, lamination, borders, manipulations allowed.

    3)Each entry MUST have an entry form on the back of the photo, failing to do so will result in an omission of entry.
    photocopied entry form is allowed.

    4)Entries are to be mailed to
    106 台北市大安區安和路一段 27 號 2 樓
    「統一千禧之愛 2004 全球華人攝影大賽小組」收。
    [die die must read the addy in chinese i think.]

    Submission Requirements (Digi CAT)

    1)Please goto for more instructions.
    [forgot about browsing to find the correct link, click on THIS instead. But the link is not up yet.]

    2)Entries to be in .jpg format.
    Max dimension 800X600pixel [huh?]
    Data size to be below 1MB.

    3)Winners to submit a 3M pixel .jpg file in a CD.

    4)No DI is to be done to the images.
    [well, i think they are trying to say no excessive post processing. :P]

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    Default for the digi format cannot post process...hmmm....tough on the WB part liao..

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    The chinese is the difficult part...
    Hey... no processing is good! Then everyone can really show their photographic talent This is how one can improve their skills... seriously consider it.

    Hey Zann Tiang, what about application fees? Sorry, i probably thinking too much about my salons

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    Where to download the entry form?
    Dreams at Photoaid! Contact me, pls!

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    application form for film category

    application for digital category
    this one is fill in online.

    No application fees.

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    It in chinese formatt, so we must fill in all in chinese? We just send this with the Pics to them?
    Dreams at Photoaid! Contact me, pls!

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    Yup, must fill it in Chinese .... You want me to fill it in for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blurblock
    Yup, must fill it in Chinese .... You want me to fill it in for you?

    If u want, i dun mind
    Dreams at Photoaid! Contact me, pls!

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    It's the chinese barrier again... hehe


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