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Thread: Tips on Portraits taking ?

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    Default Tips on Portraits taking ?

    Was thinking of doing a series on a couple that i noe of ..... juz for the fun of it .... currently using EOS 300..... a newbie.......

    Are there any points i shld take note ?? timing, place, etc and perhaps are there any websites that have good information on this?


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    outdoors or studio?? use a film which will give u your desired colour effects...

    get a good flash for fill and reflectors.....great if u can use off cord sync flash too... and hopefully an assistant to hold their stuff and reflectors...

    ahah.....easier said then done ya haha...esp the assistant thingey....if its ya first is can get someone to advise u along the way.....

    meanwhile juz browse more mags to get some ideas of poses...

    cheers and best of luck!!...

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    tks for the reply .... the shoot will be outdoors .... juz a newbie... and not that much of a equipment yet....


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    haha... u dun need a super-duper expensive lens to take good portraits! however, u do need a good eye for composition and rapport with ur frens during posing, IMO.

    if u can, grab a copy of this month's lightbox mag. available in most photo shops or bookstores for $4.90. this mth, astin helped to write an article on portrait taking. quite useful tips in there.
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    tks again .... for all the replies ....


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    I am learning portrait photography myself.

    1 You dont need any fanciful flash equipment to make portraits. At the most a simple reflector will do. Even so, I find that if ypu read light properly, you may not even need reflectors.

    2 You have to decide what type of portrait you are taking. Faces? Half body? Full body? or environmental? Because the type of portrait you do will determine which type of lenses you will use

    3 Shooting outdoors... what time? If late morning and early afternoon, then shoot in a shade.

    I think you will have all you need for making great portraits. All you need to do now is to do it!


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