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Thread: Questions from a New beginner venturing into DSLR

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenneth lim
    Sure Bros...
    From what the feedback, it seems that I've got sometime left for my C5050 before stepping into DSLR... That might be a good too... Let me re-evaluate my current standings and move on... Thanks for all the valuable feedback, I appreciate and will use it wisely...

    save first, its very fustrating to find out you need a piece of equipment but you cannot afford it. to take a quote from another CSer.

    when i first bought my digicam, i often crossed my mind how bloody expensive the camera is and how i could make the best of my investment. Now with a DSLR system i did not even flinch that my lenses may outcost my digicam 3 times.

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    Actually, to change from your old compact lenses to an DSLR is not necessarily very bad, and unless u invest much more into lenses and flashes etc, you could just buy a 300D with kit lens. Maybe a tele lens to go along with it, but it would cost you about 2000 dolars? Something like that. Unless you are really into photography, i would advise keeping your camera. If not, start low, don't need the best DSLR, 300D or D70 will suffice for amateurs like us.

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