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Thread: Digital Size (6" x 4.5") Photo Albums

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    Default Digital Size (6" x 4.5") Photo Albums

    Hi everyone... I am thinking of printing photos in the digital size (6" x 4.5") format. Anyone has done this before?

    Where do you buy the albums to put the photos?

    Please reply...

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    I'm looking for photo albums that can store 6x4.5 inch print sizes as well. Anybody know where I can find such an album?

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    after searching around, I found this company at which sells albums that fit 6"x4.5" print ratios. Look under, Albums with picture pockets and look for Item A25. Holds 160 photos for USD19 and you can buy extra sheets at USD6.50 each.

    I'd prefer to buy off the shelf in Singapore rather than through the internet though.


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