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    It is the same as KTM train time table (about 15~20min difference) for Bukit Timah.

    From King Albert you walk towards the Iron bridge, turn right walk up the path and you will see the station, go to his office and greet the station master for permission to shoot. There is a time table at the "waiting area" behind the office. Take note of the timing and don't wonder too far. (Do not follow GPS, they will bring you behind the station with a big house between you....)

    Keep a look out at the station, if you see the station master walking with a green/red flag, means there going to be an incoming train. Avoid staying on the bridges or on the track and stay on the platform, wehre you will have a chance to see the token exchange. During evening time (around 6 if I am correct), there will be 2 trains, one from TP and one from MY. One of them will park at the outer track so it is a great chance to see take the a good shoot of the train.

    Station at Night by slmka, on Flickr

    Some of the photos on my last visit:

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    Quote Originally Posted by li0nheart07 View Post
    thanks for the information...
    i understand there's a token-exchange happening during weekdays...
    may i check whats the timing and where does the station master located to ask for permission
    The token exchange happens for every train passing the station.You can pick up the time table at any KTM train stations...

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