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Thread: charges for events photographer

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    Default charges for events photographer

    Just wondering... How much is it to hire an events photographer for company's Dinner and Dance.... heheh...

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    Rates vary a lot. Are you hiring or want to become one?

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    Well, if you just want mere documentation and ok pics (may even be bad pics), $30-40/hr can get you one. If you want substance, it starts from $100/hr. Negotiable if you employ for say a full day.

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    no lah. My company hired an events company for our October D & D. package includes a photographer whom they say cost them $900 to hire?? Timing should be from 7pm to 12midnight. We already signed the contract, but I'm just wondering abt the cost... We are holding another D & D (group) in feb so wondering if I should recommend to the committee to hire a freelance one or take a package with an events company again. Then we also have photoshoots for our directors and picture shootings for the Annual Reports. Think I heard from my colleague that it cost abt $2K to hire the photographer who's either from the PR company we hired or recommended by them. So I'm just wondering whether these are the correct market rates.

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    2100 has already answered ya question i think....7pm - 12 pm at 100/hr u will still get a very decent photog....

    perhaps the 900 u have to see what they offer...whether they take digital or film...any prints given to the company etc etc...

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    digital, no prints.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloe
    digital, no prints.....
    hahaha .... the middleman got to earn also mah ...... you pay 900 .... 300 goes to the photographer and 600 goes to the middleman ;P..... it is good to be an event company, you have almost no overhead .....

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    My workplace hires photographers for the many events we organise. $80 onwards per hour with pictures in CD.


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