Very very useful video of negotiating for photography contract for any independent photographer

“If you sell yourself cheap, you will never get out of that hole.” – Barbara Bordnick

Good negotiating skills are critical to the success of any independent photographer, yet this talent is frequently not what comes naturally to us. Listen to some tips and insights on this difficult issue. (12 min, 9 sec)

This video will definitely help you in understanding how photographers out there deal with the business aspects of their work. It is not a one man battle with you vs your clients, all photographers have to deal with it along their career.

Respect your photos value & your profession, it is not about pricing yourself cheaply to secure the deal, it is about pricing yourself for what you do, and getting the client to acknowledge your photos value. Do not be afraid to say NO.

Feel free to share your experience with contract negotiating, and times you have to say no.