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Thread: The Singapore Refugee aka the Chan Bros Syndrome...

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    Ways of travelling or how one do it is really up to each individual. The tour group will say to the back packers, why waste so much time worry how to travel from point A to point B wen u can just pay. Back packers to typical working class travellers would say, wah piang u travel to other people's country so short, 2 weeks can see what. Uncle and aunty travellers tell young brave guy, wah u dare to drive? Why dont hire a driver so much easier and safer.

    Well everyone has their own reasons how they choose to travel. A will laff at B. B will laff at C. C will laff at A. The cycle continues. Important thing is, how we travel depends on our budget, time and how happy we are doing it. A, B and C are happy with the way they do theirs. So stop looking down at other people way of travelling and enjoy travelling itself. That's why we should always choose our travel companion wisely.

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    Yes. Different ppl have different personalities. It seems like you have never tried MBTI personality quiz. Ppl who are perception type will usually go for package tour, and those who are judgement type will be those who plan for their tour.
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