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    Can recommend a hi-fi system budgeted at S$500?

    I'll probably need an integrated stereo amplifier, a CD player and a pair of shelf or floor speaker.

    I play mainly jazzy lounge, contemporaries and live.

    Info like brand, model, price and shop would be great.
    If got URL even better.


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    500 only? very tight.. maybe try a pre-owned Cambridge Audio (alpha audio) Azur series.. CDP with Amplifier. floor stander? try a full range floor stander with Fostex driver. go to AhFat Audio, he can DIY for you


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    don't be fool by the slim floor stander. it can throw a big soundstage and can be musical. well suited for jazz and

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    I don't you can get an amp, speakers new or old and a source for that price...Separates will cost more, unless you buy something rather old.

    You may want to take a walk into Adelphi and the other places like Audio House, Best Denki etc and look for the mini systems.

    Onkyo, Marantz, Yamaha etc will have some in your budget range.
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    Thanks for the reply, will take note.

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