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Thread: Aliens Vs Predators: The Worst A/P Movie Ever!!!

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    Actually I watched the Sneak preview.. It wasn't really a bad movie. There was some good fighting scenes. I think most ppl expected superb storyline but pls give the director some credits. I was prepared to be disappointed but found it quite entertaining show after all. My only complaint is the movie was too short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennyong
    ermm.. riddick is a rather cool movie la.. but AVP is more for a sequel and will be much enjoyable for those who watched Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Aliens Ressurection, Predator and Predator 2.
    Chronicles of Riddick is also a sequel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmc17479
    Went to watch it today and was horrified by the director's lack of creativity for storytelling and its sequence, mainly its lack of respect for the original stories. Basically a throw-everything-at-you-and-that's-it movie.

    No sense of suspense in the movie, nothing fantastic about the special effects. Oh yeah and comedy in places when its supposed to be serious.

    One of my greatest wishes now.......AVP 2 and directed by Spielberg or Cameron or Bruckheimer.
    hey u go direct lah. maybe add some R(A) stuff ... guarantee HIT!!!!

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    hmm.. movie too short... but that's about it.. besides that, this movie was worth the long long wait! every bit of the movie was fantastic, the action and the fighting scenes were really well done!

    would definitely get the dvd and wait for the sequel (if there's one!)

    the chronicles was a really bad show IMHO.. still preferred the first one, pitch black..

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    Quote Originally Posted by renegade
    hey u go direct lah. maybe add some R(A) stuff ... guarantee HIT!!!!
    hmmm R(A) as in extreme gore and violence... show how the Alien rip the human apart.. thats very important.. haven seen any Aliens movie showing how a human was ripped apart.. den show how the Alien head bite its victim, how the aliens "stick" humans to the wall and how the Chestbuster burst out of the ribs....

    wha... den muz have lots and lots of blood.. and thats a must... and not forgetting Predator stripping the spine off the humans, how they get the skull by removing the brains, and eyeballs...

    and how the Predator get the skulls of the aliens for trophy.... hahahaa...

    last but not least... BLOOD !!!

    that AVP can considered as no killing as no blood was shown. onli predator blood la.. but not counted !! hahahahha ... =p

    i wan to see blood splatter everywhere... i wan to see everything being ripped apart... and u name it... i am a violent~ no la.. juz love to see violent thingys.. =p


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