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Thread: Which is better of the 2?

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    Default Which is better of the 2?

    Deep In Thoughts



    Please give comments and criticism.
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    Colours and tones help in the protraying of the story behind a picture.

    Top pic: The colour is dull, and does not bring out the picture at all. Colour definately does not work well in this pic. Just an example, an orange glow from a sunset on the subject would bring out a totally different feeling.

    Bottom pic: Sephia is used to protray an nostalgic tone. However, your pic looks nowhere nostalgic to me at the moment.

    Sad, but none of the two are good. Nevertheless, keep on trying.

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    Thanks for the comments and advice.
    Will keep on trying.

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    Color or no color, this is an underexposed shot. The problem is that there is too large a patch of bright sky at the background, fooling the camera's metering system.

    Not talking about the content of the picture, there are three ways I can suggest

    1 you might want to frame you main subject against a less bright background,

    2 use a fill flash. I do not do flash photography. Perhaps some others might help here.

    3 Use a spot meter to determine the approriate exposure to the main subject.

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    I'm a beginner, what's a spot meter?
    A fill flash is?
    Activate flash on for the shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiro MS08th
    I'm a beginner, what's a spot meter?
    A fill flash is?
    Activate flash on for the shot?
    A spot meter is a light meter .... or if your camera has it, it is a metering format.

    A fill flash is a normal flashlight that is used on the subject to overcome backlighting ...

    activate the flashlight lor ....


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